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RTO Flash Multicart for the Intellivision
  • RTO Flash Multicart for the Intellivision
  • RTO Flash Multicart for the Intellivision

RTO Flash Multicart for the Intellivision

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Note: Purchase includes quantity one (even though picture shows three).

This is my version of the RTO Flash Multicart for the Intellivision console. This is a newly released cartridge, from 2023.

All artwork is professionally printed. All assembly was completed by me, at home.

More details on the product can be found here: AtariAge Forum Thread (opens in new tab). Before purchasing, please investigate exactly what the RTO Flash Multicart is, as well as my revisions from aotta's work.

The price of the loose flash cartridge is $85 USD. The box and manual is optional, and adds $25 to the overall price. I know the box and manual costs a lot... sorry... they take a very long time to prepare and assemble.

I'm having some difficulty with the store... it doesn't like handling the combination of loose-vs-boxed very well. If you're looking for loose only, and there's none in stock, I'll try to move one from boxed to loose (if available).

Currently available via this store to customers in USA and Canada. Contact me via e-mail or ideally via PM in the AtariAge forums (user name 5-11under), for shipping to other countries. I've had to adjust the shipping price to Canada, which unfortunately varies widely from province to province. If the actual cost is less than what's listed, I'll refund the difference (I'm shipping from Ontario).

Note: the automated e-mails aren't working properly, but if you've received a payment notification, the order will have gone through.


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